Sex Dictionary – F

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with “F” …

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Fuck boy – n

a male who tries to be something that he knows nothing about.
a male who is always fucking something up.
a male who tries to do what he sees other people doing, but who doesn’t know anything about it.
a male with whom a person has sex, but there is no potential for a closer relationship; “friends with benefits”.
a male who oppresses women.
a male who is constantly seeking romance and/or sexual congress with women.
a general insulting form of address/reference.
general term for a disliked male.

Fuck buddy – n

a friend with whom one has sex, without emotional attachment or commitment. Also known as a FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS.

Fuckbunny – n

a promiscuous person. Usually used to refer to females.

fuckchop – n

a general insult.

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