Sex Dictionary – D

Danza slap – n.
Slapping a woman’s face with your penis. Refers to the urban legend that the actor Tony Danza starred in adult movies where he performed this act.

dental dam – n.
A safe sex barrier, usually made of a flat sheet of of latex, used when performing oral sex on women.

dick – n.

dildo – n.
A cylindrical sex toy, often shaped like a penis, used to penetrate the vagina or anus. Usage note: A dildo generally refers to a toy with no moving parts, as opposed to a VIBRATOR which includes an electric motor and vibrates.

deep throat -n., v.
Fellatio in which the penis is inserted far into the mouth, entering the throat.

deflower – v.
For a man to have sexual intercourse with a virgin woman.

Dirty Sanchez – n.
1. Performing oral sex on someone after they engage in anal sex. 2. After anal sex, wiping off off the dirty penis or hand on the woman’s upper lip, to simulate a moustache.

doggie style – n.
Sexual intercourse where the man enters the woman’s vagina from her back side; also called rear-entry.

dominatrix – n.
A dominant person in a bondage or S&M relationship; usually denotes a female professional. See DOMME.

donkey punch – n.
Having anal sex with someone and punching them in the back of the head to make them pass out. Said to induce a clenching of the anal sphincter in the unconscious person.

domme – n.
The dominant person in a bondage or S&M relationship; usually female. See DOMINATRIX

double penetration – n.
Penetration of the vagina and anus simultaneously.

DP – abbr.

drag queen – n.
A man who dresses in women’s clothing, the term is especially used for gay men who dress up in elaborate outfits sometimes as part of a stage show. See also TRANSVESTITE.

drum solo – n.
When a woman has an ORGASM, referring to the rhythmic throbbing of the CLITORIS.


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